Moving Tips from Q-2 Self Storage

Moving Tips

Before you begin to pack be sure to have plenty of supplies. Saving time is important and you don’t want to leave in the middle of packing to pick up supplies. Put your supplies in a basket or box so you can quickly grab them and move them room to room as you are packing. Make sure you have the right size and plenty of boxes. Figure out how many boxes you need and multiply it by 3. Don’t forget wrapping paper and tape. You will need dollies, furniture pads, bungee cords, and rope. Cling wrapping TV’s and furniture will keep scratches to a minimum. Always keep your flat screen TV upright. Wrapping cardboard on both sides of your flat screen will protect the screen. Wrapping a sticky note around your cords will remind you where they go when you get to your new home. The right size truck will assure a smooth move. Seal all your liquids to protect spills. Most important: have your storage unit rented and ready for your move.

Choosing the right size storage unit will assure you can successfully store your belongings. It’s nice to have enough room to move around in your unit when you want to access a particular belonging in your unit. Make sure to walk into the unit before you rent so you can get a real feeling for the space.

When storing leather furniture, temperature controlled units are your best bet. The heat and cold can cause your leather to crack. Many other belongings fare best in temperature control including pictures, paintings, antique furniture, and accessories. Electronics will also benefit from the stable temperatures.

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